Sneeze Guard Counter Top Safety Screen

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Our safety screens are manufactured by us, in the U.K., from acrylic produced solely in the U.K., which is fully recyclable. Each safety screen is produced from laser cut 3mm clear acrylic with polished edges. 

Size Options:


60cm High, 45cm Wide and 16cm Deep.
Hand hole 20cm wide and 15cm High (enough room for two hands).

24" High x 18" Wide x 6.5" Deep.
Hand hole 8" Wide x 6" High (enough room for two hands).


50cm High, 45cm Wide and 16cm Deep.
Hand hole 20cm wide and 15cm High (enough room for two hands).

19.5” High, 18” Wide and 6.5” Deep.
Hand hole 8” wide and 6” High (enough room for two hands).

You can also choose a full screen with no hand hole.

Bespoke sizes can be made, please email us for a price.

Please choose either clear or white fixings.

We can personalise the screen by engraving your name or logo. Please select Engraved/Bespoke from the drop down box below. We can also amend the hole size to meet your requirements. Again, please select Engraved/Bespoke from the options below.

The engraving type height is 2/3", 48pt, 17mm, in font Gabrielle or Gabriola for all caps.

Add your wording or required hole size in the Special Instructions box, which is in your cart at checkout. Access this by clicking “Add a Note to Your Order.

Your screen arrives in five parts; two pillars, two bases and one screen. Although the screen can be glued to make a more permanent fixture, keeping the parts separate makes transporting and cleaning easier. The entire screen components are dishwasher safe.

All products are covered in a protective cover that needs to be removed before assembly.

Please clean with a damp micro cloth (Do not use abrasives).